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Over 50 Years, Our Family Serving Yours.

Who We Are

Cormier Brothers Construction is a family owned and operated business with over 50 years of experience serving Worcester County and beyond. Contact us today for a Free Estimate and see how we can help you truly enjoy where you live with our wide range of remodeling services!

It’s important that your home can evolve and adapt to your changing lifestyle. Whether it’s a new career path or growing family, you may feel cramped or stifled in your current home. Our custom home additions can grant you the extra space and flexibility you need in this new stage of your life without having to uproot and move. Our work is precise and efficient, and we work with any budget. If your home needs a brand-new addition or remodel, call Stephen today and we can start working out the details.

Built on a foundation of quality and trust. We take pride in handling your renovation or new construction as if it were our own home or addition. Our mission is simple, treat all clients property with respect, Leaving the property in a far superior condition from when we arrive.

Our History

A family business started in 1966


Cormier Brothers Construction

For over 50 years our family, here to help yours creat the space you want and love.

1970-Present Day

Cormier Brothers Learn The Trades

The Cormier Brothers learned from their father during this time, working hard to develop their individual talents.


Our Foundation

James Cormier Senior Starts the company in Milbury Mass 1966